Disclosure of disability presents a number of challenges & choices for people with a disability, particularly those participating in education and employment. Choices may include 'Do I need to disclose my disability', ''when do I disclose my disability', 'how do I disclose my disability', 'what are my rights', 'do I have responsibilities when I disclose'. Employers and educators may also be challenged in relation to their role and responsibilities when a person discloses their disability.

'Choosing Your Path. Disclosure: It's A Personal Decision' addresses these challenges for people with disabilities, employers and educators. The website provides substantial information about options and pathways that people with disabilities can use in disclosing their disability in post secondary education and employment environments. The website also articulates the role and responsibilities of employers and educators in relation to disclosure .

'Choosing Your Path. Disclosure: It's A Personal Decision' is a web based resource.

'Choosing Your Path. Disclosure: It's A Personal Decision' is a collaborative project, written and funded by:

National Disability Coordination Officer Program  University of Western Sydney


Anna Mungovan; Regional Disability Liaison Officer, Greater Western Sydney Region, hosted by the Western Sydney University

Fran Quigley; Regional Disability Liaison Officer, Western Victoria, hosted by the University of Ballarat


This project is part of the National Disability Coordination Officer Programme, funded by the Department of Education.



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